Private Label Production

Working for Milltex Group, Inc. in New York as the Director of Marketing & Operations was a fantastic experience! Not only did I get to continue to travel to Europe for work but I also traveled throughout the U.S. including major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Greenwich and more to market and manage the company and its products.

One of my greatest honors was Victoria Secret’s trust and support in me – I was the only vendor allowed to produce a private label product for them between three countries in three years. Happy to report, my project management of the global production between New York, Italy, various cities in Asia and Ohio proved to be very successful for both Victoria Secret and Milltex Group, Inc.

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Milltex Group, Inc., New York, NY, 2001-2007
Director of Marketing & Operations
Directed showroom and sales staff, corporate communications, public relations, event planning and execution, international procurement and inventory management, media buying and advertising, and accounting and budgeting while implementing strategic initiatives and presentations.  Managed international trade shows and coordinated import/export logistics.

  • Increased sales by $1.5 MM in one year and by 15-20% each year thereafter by streamlining company operations, upgrading IT systems and software, and implementing creative and effective marketing initiatives.
  • Produced $3.0 MM in extra revenue for the company via Victoria’s Secret (VS) by selling and managing private label production between 3 countries for 3 years, as the only person in VS’s history allowed to run production as an outside vendor.
  • Increased profits by controlling distribution, reducing inventory and overseeing the full procurement and assortment of products.


I was offered three positions in Sales, Operations and Marketing in New York City – all three companies were competitors; how flattering! I chose the Marketing & Operations Director  position with Gruppo Intermoda but stayed in touch with Milltex Group, Inc. and La Perla. I later joined the Milltex team… more of the story to come…

Under Gruppo, I traveled to Paris, France to attend both vendor meetings and international trade shows. The first time I saw the Concord, Louvre and Champs Elysee area my eyes watered; a spectacularly beautiful beginning to my international career!

Over the years, I traveled to Paris, France 18 times for my job with Milltex. I lived in Barcelona, Spain while working for GUILO.  I also traveled many times to other countries in Europe and South America for business.  I have been around the world (traveled outside of the US over 50 times to over 18 countries) for both business and pleasure – I am truly blessed!


The best business training I ever received was under Ann Cox at the Neiman Marcus Buying Office in Dallas, TX. Thank you Ann for teaching me so much about the fashion industry, procurement, metrics, budgeting and more! She taught me proper business ethics and that a positive attitude will never fail you.

Neiman Marcus was my first job after graduating from the University of North Texas within 3 years with honors.

During college, I worked as a Supervisor at a Casual Corner store and interned as a Visual Merchandiser for Dillard’s.

Business Planning & Strategy

As the Marketing & Operations Director for Gruppo Intermoda, New York, not only did I increase the overall sales for the international wholesale company I also increased brand awareness which initiated the opportunity to create a new business segment for Nicole Miller. I was personally tasked with creating the business plan and presenting it to the Nicole Miller team. Gruppo won the account.

Write Compelling Content

Write compelling content!

The attention span of the typical mobile or browser-based viewer is limited to a few seconds. How do you capture their attention in limited time, with minimal space to tell your story? You need compelling content! For example, you could highlight an incentive offer to lure in an audience member that’s already interested in your products. Incentivizing your messages could help you to stay top-of-mind to your audience.

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