Digital Advertising Tip

Digital Advertising Tip:

In this day and age, digital advertising is more important than print in many markets. For most brands, it’s one of the most effective ways to get your company, products or services in front of qualified and targeted consumers. However, using digital advertising effectively takes energy, time and knowledge. If you’re not following the right guidelines to make your digital advertising as impactful as possible, it’s likely that you won’t garner the results you are looking for – DGC is here to help.

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Social Media Marketing Tip by DGC

What’s Happening with Facebook – Keep on trend with DGC.

Slideshow: A picture’s worth a 1,000 words!? Facebook thinks so. Now you are able to create a cover slideshow for your Page that contains multiple photos and displays above your Page’s timeline. Users can transform their pages’ cover images into stunning slideshows. This is a great way to attract potential customers who visit your page and show them even more of what makes your business so special.

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Social Media Marketing Tip by DGC

What’s Happening with Facebook – Keep on trend with DGC.

Lists: Facebook just launched lists. Are you conscientious about what you share with your business contacts? Facebook lists have privacy settings built in so that you’ll be able to accept friend requests, without sharing too much of your personal life. Here’s how it works: You can create lists within Facebook which allow you to categorize your friends into different groups; each with it’s own unique privacy settings. You can share your pictures with your old college friends and not with your co-workers. Need help setting these lists up? Call DGC today: 501-204-4598.

Print Marketing

Print Marketing Tip:

Have you tried print marketing to gain more exposure but want to save money? DCG has some tips: Create rack cards 4×9 cardstock instead of trifolds to lower costs and keep it clean and simple:
Less copy, more visual. If you market on social media, add the icons to your marketing materials including business cards: Extra exposure for a higher reach.

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Material Design Tip by DGC

Want to make your brand and message stand out?

Using contrast helps to add “attitude” to your design while making key elements stand out. There are plenty of ways to generate contrasts in design and copy, contrasting colors, fonts or spacing in your design elements to create contrast. The key is finding the right balance so your message doesn’t get lost in the mix. Let DGC Design’s graphic designer help create a visual feel to tell your story: 501-204-4598

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Showcase: Want to drive engagement and create relationships that matter? Showcase Pages are connected to your company’s page and designed for spotlighting your brand. Extend your company’s page presence by creating a dedicated page for all aspects of your business. Showcase Pages are designed for building strong relationships with LinkedIn members. Why wait? Start using this effective tool to help build your business today.

Linkedin Showcase Pages: Did you know you can advertise on LinkedIn? You now have to ability to reach your ideal customers on the world’s largest professional network.

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Website Tip by DGC

Ever wonder how your website is displaying across multiple platforms?

A responsive design guarantees the user will have the best and most consistent experience on any device. It also helps increase your reach to potential customers on devices like tablets and smartphones, which in turn can help increase lead generation and sales.

Another perk of using a responsive website is that it offers a lower maintenance cost compared to running two different versions of one website. Interested? Call DGC Designs to learn more: 501-204-4598.