2012 Marketing Accomplishments for Hot Springs Village 

  • Created and launched a CRM (Client Relationship Manager) Lead Database.
  • More than doubled leads (consent-to-contacts) compared to 2011.
  • Created and launched 17 marketing websites.
  • Created a brand (image, colors, overall consistent look, slogan).
  • Created and opened the West Gate Visitor Center.
  • Maximized advertising dollars with key negotiated cross-medium buys (print, rack cards, guides, banner ads, flyers, emails, direct mail and more) and adding in editorial / media visits.
  • Attended and added trade shows into the marketing mix (expanded in 2013).
  • New events: Triathlon, British Car, Flash Mob, DeSoto Club Grand Opening, two Real Estate Open Houses, Triathlon, Zombie Run & Trail Tour, and Motorcycle & Scooter Show.
  • Launched department (did not exist when I arrived), and planned strategy for 2012 and 2013 as well as created marketing reporting system and budget.
  • Manager of HSVPOA.org revamp team.
  • POA liaison for the Chamber of Commerce and Board of REALTORS.
  • Created materials in brand: Rack cards, flyers, guides, print ads, banner ads, direct mailers, e-mails and more (expanded in 2013 with facility guide).

E-Mail Marketing

It is vital to implement E-Mail marketing and it is very cost effective. The success is in the details – carefully plan the time, date and number of emails to send. Limit E-Mails to once or twice a month, and, keep content interesting and informative.

Design your email template with a strong brand identity and use it consistently.

Do not always be selling, instead share fun stories, company news, and consider consider offering a coupon or thank you discount for your customers; the key is to make each email valuable so that you expand the open rates and minimize the unsubscribes.


Visitor Center

The HSV POA Marketing Department launched the first Visitor Center in Hot Springs Village in coordination with the Chamber of Commerce and Board of REALTORS in 2013. To date, several houses have sold in the Village due to guests stopping by the Center. It is a great place to arrange a tour, pick up information on Hot Springs Village amenities, and learn about Chamber members.

A flash mob was part of the opening ceremony for this great amenity… Village volunteers practiced with me every week for several weeks perfecting the routine… what fun we all had. Click here to watch the video.


Visitor Center Poster


Creating the right signage can be tricky – font size and color, background color, material, usage of reflective lettering or not, all of the while maintaining brand identity requires extreme patience and attention to detail.

In partnership with Seiz Signs, the Marketing Department for Hot Springs Village created signage including all of the list below and much more:

  • Grove Park
  • Green Market and Artisan Market
  • Chef’s Table
  • Rock Porch Sessions
  • Ouachita Rod & Gun Club
  • Rhythm Jams
  • Basecamp
  • Way finding (Directional) Signage
  • Bicycle Friendly
  • Arkansas State Laws
  • Trailhead
  • Wildflower



Materials & Brand Identity

In 2011, I was hired by the Hot Springs Village POA to launch an new internal Marketing Department.  At that time, a “brand” did not exist for the Village, (other than the conquistador head), and only a few roughly designed materials were available to use for promotion.   After a great deal of research and many hours of hard work, I created a new brand using a rustic natural color palette that I felt represented our beautiful community surrounded by the Ouachita Forest well.  At that time, I did not have an in-house team – it was just me, but I was fortunate to have a team of wonderful vendors providing assistance along the way; (their advice, support and guidance was greatly appreciated). 

For success, the rustic new “look”  needed to be implemented slowly to avoid pushing change too quickly on residents; one small feature at a time was added to materials and advertisements as they were developed during 2011-2013.

Launching the newly created “brand” of the Village increased excitement; we were in the spotlight attracting new visitors and generating real estate interest from people all over the USA.  We were becoming “known” and not a well-kept secret…. we were even highlighted on Good Morning America, CBS News and mentioned in Newsweek and Time Magazine…. thrilling!

Today, Hot Springs Village has a solid brand that is consistent on all of its marketing material; however, national scale advertising and public relations are still holding (since 2014) for the completion of additional product (amenity) development.

Side note: Product development is great, but advertising and public relations should always be on-going…. stopping and re-starting takes time and is usually more expensive overall; (one has to keep feeding the lion so to speak). 

Below is a quick list of some of the marketing materials created:

  • Welcome Book
  • Golf Guide
  • Recreation Guide
  • Facility Guide
  • Direct Mailers
  • E-Blasts
  • Event Flyers
  • Social Media Items
  • Rack Cards
  • Print Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Maps
  • Press Kits
  • Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Signage



Events & Direct Mail

Holding events and other “let me show you” venues brings people into your business! I strongly believe in direct mail when extremely targeted to a special interest, (key demographics like age, income, interests, activities and more). Add direct mail into your marketing mix for events along with social media, print advertising and public relations.

For Hot Springs Village, I launched and managed a triathlon (TRItheVillage) with DLT Events, a Zombie Run & Trail Tour also with DLT Events, British Car Meet, Motorcycle & Scooter Show, Visitor Center Grand Opening, and several Real Estate Open House Events.

Zombie Run & Trail Tour Video

Videos by Renee (Village volunteer):

2013 TRItheVillage video

2012 TRItheVillage video


12+POA+356 Tri-the-Village Direct Mail_VF_Page_112+POA+356 Tri-the-Village Direct Mail_VF_Page_2


Social Media & Branding

It is extremely important to have a social media strategy for any business today. Currently, I oversee 30+ Facebook pages along with Instagram (brand new), Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr and Twitter for Hot Springs Village.

The HSV Marketing Department has formulated a strategy to use social media to promote the community as a whole as well as each of its individual products.

We have also re-designed all Facebook covers and profiles so that each product has its own brand identity; (consistency for each brand is key, something the Community struggled with understanding for a bit, but now each product has its own materials, logo, colors, fonts and look – its own brand).