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What is a Gif?

What is a GIF?

A GIF (with the file extension, .gif) is an image file format that is animated by combining several other images or frames into a single file. This single file is encoded as graphics interchange format (better known as GIF).

The multiple images within a single GIF file are displayed in sequence to create an animated clip or a short movie. By default, animated GIFs display the sequence of images only once, stopping when the last image or frame is displayed, although it can also loop endlessly or stop after a few sequences.

So what does a GIF do exactly? GIFs are often used for bite-sized entertainment and as statements, replies or comments in online conversations. They are also commonly used online to convey reactions, illustrate or explain concepts or products in a fun, creative and succinct way.

Business uses for a GIF? GIFs have become the calling card of modern Internet culture. Businesses of all sizes use the file format to enliven their messages online. Many savvy businesses, for example, edit, rearrange or combine one or more video sources to create an absurd juxtaposition designed deliberately to emphasize a minor detail or fire off a quick market commentary.

Social Media Marketing Tip by DGC

What’s Happening with Facebook – Keep on trend with DGC.

Workplace:Need help communicating and keeping it all together? Team working is evolving at a record speed. Workspace can help you stay in the game. Workplace is a place for people to work together, share ideas and swap expertise. It allows you to work across organizations with multi-company groups, have team meetings with with group calling and screen sharing, even offers automatic language translation. You can also scan important updates quickly with a News Feed specifically tailored to you. Interested? Call DGC to learn more about this innovative new tool.

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Do’s and Don’ts: Call-to-Action Buttons


You’ve probably heard of Call-to-Action buttons but may be curious about how they work and what they are… Here’s a breakdown: A call to action “CTA” refers to any message designed to prompt a response or encourage a sale. Sounds easy, right? But how you do can make a big difference in the outcome? Here are some tips to help you set up effective Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons that get results: 

  • DO use valuable and actionable copy, such as “Download Now,” “Get Your Free Trial,” “Speak to an Expert,” or “Buy Now.”
  • DON’T hide your CTAs where no one can see them.
  • DO place your CTAs above and below the fold and within the visitor’s “eye path.”
  • DON’T use the same or similar colors in your CTAs as the page’s background color.
  • DO use bold, contrasting colors in your CTAs so they don’t blend in with the page.
  • DON’T use super tiny CTAs that no one will notice.
  • DO make them big and bold.
  • DON’T make the design of your CTAs look flat.
  • DO make them look “clickable” and button-like by adding bevels, shadows and hover effects.
  • DON’T use CTAs that don’t flow with the rest of the messages on the page.
  • DO use CTAs that relate to the content on the existing page or align with the buyer’s interests and needs.
  • DON’T be too wordy.
  • DO make sure CTAs are clear, simple and uncluttered.

Now that you’ve learned some of the most important CTA best and worst practices, are you ready to get started?

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Social Media Tip by DGC

What’s Happening with Facebook – Keep on trend with DGC.

Postcards: Facebook is taking a stand. Facebook will rely on an old school technology in an effort to prevent foreign meddling in U.S. elections – the post office. In 2016 Russian agents purchased ads to sway the U.S. presidential campaign. Now Facebook will send postcards to potential buyers of political ads to confirm they reside in the U.S. The recipient will then need to enter a code in Facebook to continue buying the ad. Just another way Facebook is taking security seriously.

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Social Media Tip

What’s Happening with Facebook – Keep on trend with DGC.

 Place Tips

People use their phones everywhere, even while they shop and dine. Now, there’s an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers online ­- while they are in your store, restaurant or place of business. Place Tips gathers useful information about a business including posts from the business’ Facebook Page, upcoming events, recommendations and check-ins. Place Tips are unique and tailored for each business. For example, Place Tips can show the menu, reviews and information about a restaurant – like a signature cocktail, menu item or popular table. A retail store might use Place Tips to customers providing information where to locate items and learn about upcoming events and promotions, or business hours.

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