Connect with Customers.

Email Marketing Tip…

Did you know that nearly half of emails are opened on a mobile phone? And as many as 75% of recipients will delete an email if it is unreadable on their mobile device.

Want to connect with your customers? Whether you need to send a welcome email, promote a sale or reach out to current clients, email marketing offers the opportunity to engage your users.

DGC’s email marketing services will help you connect with your customers. Just tell us the type of email you want to send and we’ll do the rest – write copy, select imagery, design the layout and send it to your email list.

Eat with Your Eyes.

Provide professional photography of your dishes on social media, daily… not once in a while, daily!!!

Call Designs Group Consulting to help, 501-209-2806. We will revamp or launch your branded social media, provide professional photography of your food, design awesome menus and print materials plus build your responsive website. But that’s not all, DGC also cross promotes your business.

Visualize Success.

Digital Marketing Tip…

The 24/7 work schedule has really changed our lives over the last decade. Busy is an understatement these days! So, it is imperative to incorporate both visual and video marketing into your digital marketing plan. Today, let’s talk video! From drone videos to 360 degree videos, product demonstrations, commercials, virtual tours, etc., you need to develop videos to post to your company’s YouTube page, website and Facebook page. Have Instagram? Twitter? Post videos there too! Make sure to plan your social media content to share videos at the right time throughout the year.

And consider utilizing the Go Live video option on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Make an Impact.

Aerial video offers tremendous marketing benefits, including improved visibility in search rankings, increased time spent viewing your homes and communities, and most importantly, provides brand credibility for your organization.

Designs Group Consulting is proud to partner with Way2Hii for all Drone Video & Photography.

Website Tip…

Be Found.

You may have the best product in the world but if potential customers can’t find you online, you won’t be able to reach them. Spend time daily on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Let DGC’s SEO experts provide a roadway for search engines to bring potential customers to you.

Designs Group Consulting is proud to announce they have partnered with one of the largest SEO companies in the United States.