Using Fonts

Marry your fonts!

Many times, novice designers forget the importance of fonts in their designs. Don’t just stick with one font style – use a few in your design to create something dynamic and eye-catching! Find fonts that complement one another and use creative ways to marry them with one another. But, don’t use too many fonts and stay consistent with the ones you use… branding rule 101!

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Are You Mobile Ready?

Are you mobile ready?

Your marketing efforts MUST be mobile to be successful in today’s market. Fewer users are accessing sites via desktop platforms. Today’s mobile marketing needs go far beyond responsive sites and social media – companies now need to think about many more factors. Are you prepared for this shift?

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Retargeting is a technique to engage with people that have already visited your website and encourage them to come back to learn more. Since only 2% of traffic typically converts on a first visit to a website, it’s crucial to continue to put your brand in front of those indecisive visitors.

Our marketing management team is equipped with the right knowledge and tools to craft a strong retargeting campaign for your brand.

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