What is a Gif?

What is a GIF?

A GIF (with the file extension, .gif) is an image file format that is animated by combining several other images or frames into a single file. This single file is encoded as graphics interchange format (better known as GIF).

The multiple images within a single GIF file are displayed in sequence to create an animated clip or a short movie. By default, animated GIFs display the sequence of images only once, stopping when the last image or frame is displayed, although it can also loop endlessly or stop after a few sequences.

So what does a GIF do exactly? GIFs are often used for bite-sized entertainment and as statements, replies or comments in online conversations. They are also commonly used online to convey reactions, illustrate or explain concepts or products in a fun, creative and succinct way.

Business uses for a GIF? GIFs have become the calling card of modern Internet culture. Businesses of all sizes use the file format to enliven their messages online. Many savvy businesses, for example, edit, rearrange or combine one or more video sources to create an absurd juxtaposition designed deliberately to emphasize a minor detail or fire off a quick market commentary. http://www.DesignsGroupConsulting.com