Logo Designs by the DGC Team

Logo Designs by the DGC Team

Be Branded.
A logo is a pleasing, professional representation of your brand that helps your customers recognize your business. Think McDonald’s Golden Arches or Nike’s Swish. Great logos look as good on a business card as on a web page or a billboard. Let DGC design a unique logo that accurately brands your business for success.

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Designs Group Consulting offers a hands-on approach to marketing: A partnership that frees you to do what you love, run your business. Let us create the right brand story or positioning for your company and then share it through all available channels- print, digital, paid, social and operational.

From logo creation to strategic planning, production and implementation, Designs Group Consulting is your partner for all things marketing. We succeed when you succeed.

DGC will position your brand to win the battle in your marketplace.