The DGC Story

wpid-dgc_final_logo-1.jpgWith almost 25 years of experience in the marketing world, Dannet Botkin has learned a thing or two about how to successfully promote businesses. Along the way, she also discovered that what works for larger businesses may not work in the same way for small businesses. In fact, smaller businesses often need a more hands-on approach to be successful. And sadly, smaller business owners are sometimes taken advantage of.

Armed with this knowledge, Botkin set out to build a business that would meet the needs of all types of businesses, especially those smaller in size. She determined she would offer top quality marketing options for one and all. But she wanted to go a step further – to forge client relationships built on caring and trust.

And so, in 2015, Designs Group Consulting (DGC) was born. Based in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, the firm is designed to provide hands-on, full-service marketing solutions for all businesses, large and small, offering  a one-on-one approach, helping clients to navigate the complexities of the marketing world – focusing on strategic planning,  graphic and web design, production, implementation, and print, digital and social media distribution.

LinkedIn is part of DGC’s successful strategy for clients. We help our clients connect with others through LinkedIn’s social media posting options, leading to more networking opportunities. LinkedIn also provides great opportunities for DGC to network with current and potential clients. It’s a win-win situation.

Not only does DGC offer top notch industry and market knowledge, but the company also strives to offer “superior customer service,” she says. “We are reliable, responsive, and caring.

Simply put, Botkin believes the success of DGC is directly based on her client’s success.

“It’s not enough to provide great products,” she says. “Businesses must also have a great strategy to market their products, developing a strong digital brand that translates across all platforms.”

“We offer our clients the opportunity to do what they know and love – run their businesses – while DGC does the marketing for them.”