Billboard Design

dgc-billboard-800When designed effectively, billboards can be a powerful out-of-home marketing tool with which small-business owners can potentially reach a large number of customers. Below are some tips for creating a great billboard.
1. Carefully consider the primary purpose and goal of your ad. Focus on the most important points for best results.
2. Design your billboard with few words. The best billboards include your business or product name, location, an eye-catching image and a message in seven or eight words or less.
3. Make billboard type large and thick enough to be seen from a distance.
4. Choose large, bold visuals that can be interpreted from far away. Use a high-quality illustration or a colorful photograph to make your design more effective.
5. Consider hiring a professional. Designs Group Consulting offers high quality billboard design services. Call DGC today at 501-209-2806 or go to!