Blogs should be part of a company’s social media strategy – content marketing is one of the most affordable yet powerful ways to increase your brand’s visibility and reputation. Blogging helps increase your SEO (search engine optimization), build customer loyalty, increase clients and extend your brand. It is recommended that you blog once a week… too frequent annoys and not enough disappoints.

Ideas for your blog content:

  • Promote Specials & Events
  • Educate & Inform
  • Entertain & Excite
  • Feature Products

Share your brand voice!

Top 4 Reasons to Blog:

  1. SEO – branded, keyword-optimized content on the internet helps strengthen your search ranking.
  2. Reputation – sharing testimonials, publishing product insights and posting topics your customers care about helps develop a solid reputation.
  3. Branding – project your company’s values and personality through blog content to bond with your clients on a deeper level and rise above your competition.
  4. Customers – share your blog posts on other social media outlets like Facebook & Twitter to increase your website traffic; blogging helps reinforce  the ‘heart path’ (emotional connection) with your customers and valuable content helps to build trust.

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