Communications & Public Relations

Communications and Public Relations are two different things!

Communication Departments should provide up-to-date information via Emails, websites, news releases, and social media posts. All should be in real-time, and some news should be released repetitively.

Examples of communication releases include road closures, severe weather information, community events, product enhancements, Board of Director news, etc.

Repetitive communication releases are beneficial for event promotions. Each release should highlight something different about the event yet consistently mention sponsorships as well as the event name, date, location and time.

The most successful event communication plan includes:

  • An event announcement release at least three months out
  • Bi-monthly event ‘highlight’ releases up until four (4) weeks out
  • Weekly releases until the date of the event
  • An Email along with website and social media posts released three days before the event date. (A social media boost two weeks before the event can help drive sales if needed)
  • Three real-time social media posts with branded pictures completed during the event
  • An event recap with sponsorship and participant appreciation as well as at least three pictures released within 24 hours of the event close

Communications = information

Public Relation Departments may send out releases that contain news, but press releases are truly their own form of advertising and promotion.

Press releases require a specific format for editorial pick-up and are traditionally used for attention getting promotion. The one-page format includes the following and should be on company letterhead:

  • Media contact Info
  • Date of release
  • Headline title
  • Subtitle
  • ‘Hot’ news in the 1st paragraph; (provide details and credibility); i.e. Hot Springs Village partners with Troon
  • The 2nd paragraph should include the summarized features and benefits; (reiterate the press release focus and add in the key information); i.e. top five benefits of the partnership
  • Standard information is usually found in the 3rd paragraph (and 4th if needed); (overview copy on your company and website address);  e. a short summary paragraph on Hot Springs Village and another on Troon
  • Short quote i.e. quote from the President of Troon on the partnership
  • Either ‘###’ or ‘– MORE –‘ should end the release

It is important to identify your news angle, insure your opening paragraph is to the point, all details are accurate and precise, the quote is brief yet exciting and contains a call to action, and the writing format is copy / paste ready.

Public Relations = advertising and news

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