Marketing Portals

Creating a Marketing Portal is an efficient and effective way for multi-location businesses to manage marketing materials via the web.

High resolution jpegs, PDFs, giffs, pngs, copy, pictures and logos can be downloaded by staff from anywhere.

Portals with shopping carts allow customization for sales staff or vendors. For example, a branded flyer template can be created with variable fields that allow logo and contact insertion as well as a choice of copy options via a preset drop down menu. It only requires a few clicks to customize a corporate branded material and purchase the PDF. Options for printing may also be added to the shopping cart and  managed by a third party printing vendor. Bulk printing helps to reduce costs so be sure to negotiate with the right printer and set protocols to insure that the print schedule combines as many orders as possible for the best bulk rates. Overall Marketing Portals are a secure way to share and distribute branded materials.

Below are screen shot examples of a Marketing Portal the HSV POA Marketing Department is currently developing. This portal will be used as ‘the POA library of branded materials’ and shared across departmental staff.



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