“I have known Dannet for about 2 ½ years and have found her to be honest, reliable and one of the hardest working people I know.  In 2013 we worked closely on a very successful, one day marketing event – the Three Mile Zombie Run and Trail Tour.  The day included 6 trails with events such as a Segway rides, bike tour, dog parade, birdwatching, geocaching and finally the Zombie Run followed by prizes and dinner.  The event required many hours of planning and over 100 volunteers but Dannet handled it all with her usual high energy, good nature and smile.

I enjoyed working with Dannet and I believe she has done a great job promoting our beautiful home, Hot Springs Village.”

Ginger Tanner


One thought on “Reliable”

  1. Always on top!
    I have worked with Dannet since she arrived in Hot Springs Village as head of the then, newly created, Marketing Department. She has done a fabulous job, always professional, hardworking, tenacious, honest and kind. She brings out the very best in those who work with her. She believes in each persons ability, even in the ability you didn’t even know you had. She is a gift to Hot Springs Village and to all who know and work with her. Has excellent work ethics. Gets things done with a positive attitude, does a great job!


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