My philosophy is that people are the number one asset in a company.  This is very often forgotten.

Companies who follow this “People First” rule usually find their employees are loyal, hard-working, and contented with their jobs.  It is vital that the employee “takes ownership” of their job.  Training to improve a position should be ongoing and it is vital to promote a “we” attitude instead of ruling with fear and intimidation.

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Recently, I met with a respected and successful company that had complete intolerance for anyone in their office who was a bully, who yelled at others, who was disrespectful, who belittled others, who used threats as a way to intimidate…the list goes on and on.  The HR Director of this company had been given clear instructions to immediately escort the abusive person out the door and to terminate their employment.  I was so impressed with this…  Strong management skills are a huge asset for any successful company.  Education and experience should be the backbone of any person in management.  Training for long-term employees should be ongoing so they keep up with “newbies” coming in armed with a variety of skills they don’t understand.

A management story from a friend that I found to be completely amazing…….recently, their supervisor told them to “slow  down….you are too efficient”…then the next day the same supervisor said “hurry up…this is urgent.”  Ying and yang ……and not in a good way.

My thoughts regarding “good management skills” is to “treat employees like you would like to be treated” – heard that somewhere?  Good managers who treat their employees well and provide good, HONEST, leadership is badly needed in today’s workforce.

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