Just a few of the operational projects I accomplished for Hot Springs Village this past year:

Modernized Permitting & Inspections (online store):

  1. 55 permits sold online to date (10/23/14) via CitizenServe (an online permitting & inspections software company).
    1. Streamlined operations providing long-term cost savings.
    2. Rewrote all permits using a customer service / partnership tone vs. abrasive tone.

Managed Training Programs:

  1. Hosted six training sessions on marketing materials, amenities and visitor service, and, three sessions on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and more for employees

Recommended New Information Technology System:

  1. Researched, negotiated costs and planned cross-functional team demonstrations
    1. Total E Integrated was awarded the project; significant cost savings will begin once the new system is implemented from streamlined operations, improved processes, more accurate and automatic information (vs. manual) and real-time reporting. This project is now being implemented by the IT department and CFO.

Researched New Gate Software:

  1. After significant research, recommended and negotiated a contract with Capsure (a gate management software company).

Completed Studies:

  1. Hotel market study
  2. Brand position study

Launched Call Center:

  1. Provided content database for the new Hot Springs Village Call Center.
  2. Researched technology solutions to implement as future improvements.

The Call Center is now being managed by Administration and is proving to be a great member service asset.

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