Education, Affiliations & the Ocean

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Fashion Merchandising, University of North Texas
  •  Member of ASAE, AACVB, & Young Professional Hot Springs

After experiencing the trauma of 911 in NYC, I decided to telecommute so that I could also take classes at Texas A&M Galveston in Marine Biology.

Going back to college was not only educational and fun, it provided the opportunity for me to volunteer at Save the Manatee Club, a Marine Mammal Path Lab and at the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network. For Save the Manatee, I created a Merchandising Strategic Plan, TMMSN I developed a business plan and helped care for an injured dolphin named Cupid (now living in the Florida Keys), and at the Marine Mammal Path Lab in St. Petersburg I helped with necropsies of manatees. I was also offered a position with the Marine Mammal rescue group in Costa Rica due to my unique background of science and business – I was happily employed by Milltex and wanted to stay the course, but what an honor!

I adore working with and protecting marine life, it is a great passion of mine!

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