Mobile Video Marketing Trends

Your company needs mobile video! 

Mobile video views are climbing on social media, making it one of the top ways for brands to successfully engage with their audience. It adds a serious degree of personality and gives an insider view to the operations and culture of your company. Does your company have a strong mobile video strategy?

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Strategic Color Pairings

Strategic color pairings! Use colors from background images in your designs to bring unity and cohesiveness to your overall design. Be sure to use

this helpful color wheel tool  to make sure that your colors marry well together. In doing so, you can ensure that your visual design is attention-grabbing for your audience!

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Calls to Action

Does your website have a strong call to action?

Make sure your users have clear visual cues to follow through with purchasing a product and contacting.

This is normally done with attention-grabbing buttons or graphics clearly marked with action words near high traffic areas of your website, such as the header.

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Get Website Traffic with Social Media

Did you know you can bring more traffic to your website by optimizing social media channels?

You can use social media to link to your website in strategic ways to funnel users to the information you want them to see. For example, if you have a new promotion and you want users to fill out a form for more information, you can set up a campaign to point to any applicable page on your website.

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Have You Tried Live Streaming

Live video makes for engaging experiences!

The top social media channels have tools to support livestreaming video, and users are showing strong engagement with the trend. It’s an easy and great way to engage with your audience by showing some live behind-the-scenes operations of your company, showcasing an important event and more. Let us help you to craft compelling live broadcasts to connect with your audience!

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